Q BALANCEBalances of water distribution systems

Q BALANCE is a step on the well-known concept of a water balance – the popular tool for splitting flow into billed volumes, technical and commercial losses.

Our solution is highly customisable and can be applied both at zone level and/or separate systems and transmission mains.

  • Water losses in distribution systems
  • Water losses in water mains and reservoirs
  • Efficiently used water
Separation of water quantities
measured with an income water meter
  • % of all logged measurements
  • % of passed-through water quantity

Down to aDMA level

Q BALANCE is an add-on feature on our web-based SCADA and can be elaborated in various levels of sophistication. It can go down to DMA-level and incorporate dynamic revenue metering at selected points.

Some of our features include daily analyses versus pre-defined night-flow curves, highlights and quick recommendations from an expert on duty in our Control Room, alarms and controls.