Measurement campaigns

Tackling with high water losses and inefficient water and sewerage networks starts with right measurements at key points of the network.

Combining our extensive operations experience with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies in Qubiqo we offer a range of services in the field of measurements and data acquisition and analysis.

We believe that processes which are not measured can’t be controlled efficiently and our experience had proved that this statement is even more up-to-date when it comes for water supply and sewerage networks and facilities. That’s why the main part of our services are dedicated in field measurements and data analysis.

Flow measurement in water mains, reservoirs and open channels

Regardless of the type of the system evaluated, the first step in each measurement campaign is a flow profile to be prepared.

Qubiqo offers solutions for temporary and constant flow measurement from the water source to the smallest service connection, covering the full range of pressurized pipes from 15 mm to 2000 mm.

When it comes for open channels and non-pressurized pipes we rely on more complex approaches including simultaneous level and flow measurement.

Pressure measurement and level measurement in water mains, reservoirs and open channels

In case that more in-depth analysis of hydraulic conditions in pipeline is required we offer preparation of detailed pressure profiles in pumping stations and pressure profiles at key points along water distribution network.

Thanks to the technical capability of our equipment with up to 128 measurements per second we can record events that would be left unnoticed for standard pressure measurement equipment.

Defining of efficiency coefficient of pumping stations

Inefficient pumping station with wrongly sizes pumps working far away from their working point are the most problems. For us in Qubiqo energy efficiency is the most logical choice when quick results in reduction of operational cost are required.

Our approach included simultaneous measurement of pressure, flow and electrical energy used and as a final result we provide efficiency coefficient together with Q-H, Q-N and Q-ŋ of the pump which is evaluated.

In addition we always recommend evaluation of the relation between work of the pump and water losses in the pipeline which includes preparation of a Q-H curve.

Sewage network studies

An example of the steps part of a measurement camping

Step 1. Preparation of a methodology for selection of measuring points – once we are well familiar with the needs of the customer, it is our responsibility to develop a methodology for selection of places for measurements that will guarantee the achievement of the initial goal of the measuring camping planned.

Step 2. Preparation of a measurement methodology – depend on the purposes of measuring camping different regimes of measurement are provided for the different type of points.

Step 3. Selection of the equipment that will be used – it is our responsibility to choose the right equipment for each type of measurement to ensure efficient data collection with minimum construction works.

Step 4. Name of the points – for each measurement camping an unified system is created for naming of the points where measurements will be performed. The system covers both temporary and constant measuring points.

Step 5. Field inspection – before start of the measuring campaign our team performs a field inspection of the water system including all points determined for measurement. The purpose of the inspection is preparation of a work schedule which includes – verification of the points where temporary measuring equipment can be directly mounted with no need for addition preparation; determination of construction work needed for preparation of rest of the points for temporary measurements; assessment of existing measuring equipment.

Step 6. Field measurements – field measurements starts once all construction activities for preparation of determined points are finished. Depend on the system, number of points as well as duration of the measuring campaign, simultaneous measurements are performed in all points or the system is divided into several parts isolated one from the other.